Zhengzhou Sanmao Research Institute was selected as a key high-tech enterprise of the 2010 National Torch Program

(Reporter Zhang Geqi reports) Recently, the Ministry of Science and Technology announced the list of key high-tech enterprises of the 2010 National Torch Program. The Zhengzhou Abrasives Grinding Research Institute (Zhengzhou Sanmao Research Institute) was included and became a new one since this year. One of the first batch of key high-tech enterprises (772) in the National Torch Program since the implementation of the National Torch Plan Key High-tech Enterprise Management Measures, it proves that it has core technology, undertakes national science and technology plans and results transformation, and participates in the formulation of domestic and foreign industries. Technical standards and growth aspects have demonstrated the role of the role, has become the leading backbone enterprises in the industry high-tech enterprises.
Cultivating and developing the key high-tech enterprises of the National Torch Program is an important part of Torch's high-tech industrialization and environmental construction. The identification of key high-tech enterprises in the National Torch Program is within the scope of high-tech enterprises, and selects a group of high-tech enterprises with distinctive characteristics. The key enterprises of industrialization will guide them to use all kinds of resources of the society to make them stronger and bigger, and to become more specialized, and become the backbone of promoting independent innovation capability, adjusting industrial structure, transforming development mode, and leading the development of high-tech industries. It is reported that this year's key high-level evaluation index system comprehensively evaluates enterprises from four aspects: innovation ability, industry driving force, profitability and social contribution, focusing on the requirements of enterprise innovation ability, and quantifying the indicators as much as possible. The grade scores ensure the scientific and rationality of the index system, and strive to select the best and focus on the cultivation of strategic emerging industries, and select enterprises that truly lead the development of China's high-tech industries. Zhengzhou Sanmao Research Institute has achieved remarkable results through technological innovation in the past three years (only 10-12% of technology investment per year), and presided over the formulation of various domestic industry technical standards (28 in total, including 18 national standards). A number of national key projects (7), a number of patents granted (a total of 10, including one invention patent), two products were included in the national new product plan and other outstanding performance and strong comprehensive strength was selected for the 2010 national The Torch Program focuses on high-tech enterprises.
Zhengzhou Sanmao Research Institute has long been engaged in the research, development, production and sales of high-grade super-hard materials products, industry-specific equipment and testing instruments, as well as public technical services such as standards, measurement, testing, information, planning, etc., with comprehensive advantages in technology and talents. . The institute was the first batch of re-identified high-tech enterprises in 2008 and is an innovative pilot enterprise in Henan Province.

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